The research group of Legal and Social on Territory and Sustainable Urban Development Studies is an interdisciplinary team of research formed by academics from the University of Oviedo and professional collaborators seeking from cooperation in the field of urban and regional development, knowledge transfer, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and development of proposals for its implementation and management.

Participates in national and international topics for knowledge sharing between research groups, development of training and scientific interaction, and enhancing interdisciplinary cooperation as a working area.

Develops activity Study and Consulting in matters related to the legal and social aspects of urban issues, the environment, land use, cultural heritage, and in general, activities that are necessarily linked to sustainability and integrated urban and territorial regeneration.

Offer of knowledge

  • Consulting tasks in several specialities within the range of Sustainable Urban Development such as Sustainable Urban Planning, Socio-Environmental Studies, Cultural and Natural Heritage.
  • Knowledge transfer activities such as debates, seminars and discussion forums.
  • Designing and implementing educational and training actions in the GTDS' research specialties.

You can contact the Research Group for "Socio-Legal Studies of the Territory and Sustainable Urban Development" (GTDS) hosted by University of Oviedo through the following form.