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    GTDS is part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Network Solutions (SDNS-REDS) whose purpose is to raise awareness among the Spanish society about the importance of knowing and committing with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted unanimously in the United Nations General Assembly held in New York on September 25, 2015.

    GTDS coordinates the Urban Development Network (URBAN-RED) (el resto del párrafo ha sido traducido con anterioridad, ver URBAN-RED). URBAN-RED aims to develop an open data portal (ODP) for legislation data resulting from start-up processes, management and monitoring of sustainable urban development strategic programs (DUSI).

    GTDS collaborates with the research group GLOCAL-RES hosted by the International Excellence Campus (CEI) Smart Energy, a reference in the fields of bioenergy and intelligent infrastructures, led by two public universities: King Juan Carlos University and University of Alcalá and supported by the University of Murcia, Polytechnic University of Cartagena, and the University of Extremadura.

    GTDS fosters the knowledge transfer between Latin American research groups on the role of legal systems in sustainable urban development processes. GTDS has established a Collaboration Agreement between the University of Oviedo, the Land Management Society (SOGEPSA) and the Habitat-Colombia Foundation (extended on April 17, 2015) and a Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the University of Oviedo (Spain) and the University of Salvador (Argentina). GTDS participates in the following international projects: Significant experiences of social and urban recomposition" led by the School of Architecture of the Piloto University (Bogotá-Colombia) and "Legal Framework for the definition, development, and evaluation of actions of sustainable urban development" in collaboration with the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Universidad del Salvador-USAL (Buenos Aires-Argentina).

    Through its Principal Investigator, María Rosario Alonso Ibañez, GTDS is linked to the Spanish Observatory on the Right to Food (ODA-E), a multidisciplinary academic network whose ultimate goal is the production of scientific knowledge through interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer relevant to the sociopolitical processes within Spain that guaranteed healthy food for all, in a fair, sustainable and equitable way.


    GTDS has built an open space for discussion on urban issues available to both state representatives, scientific experts, and civil society. These actors are welcome to interact with each other through the periodic seminars held at the "Forum of Debates on Urban Renewal and Land Redevelopment". The main goal of this platform is to foster the debate, the dissemination and the knowledge transfer in urban matters.